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Frequently Asked Questions

• What is parasailing?
Parasailing is a safe and fun activity where one, two, or three people get strapped into individual harnesses and life jackets and are attached to a parachute that is also attached to a boat via a long rope on a winch.

• Will I get wet?
There is always the possibility of getting wet while on the boat or parasailing. You can choose to get dipped in the water while parasailing or you can choose to just take off from the boat and land on the boat with no dip in the water.

• How do we take off (from the beach/dock or the boat)?
You leave right from the deck of the boat and land on the deck of the boat.

• How long are we in the air?
You are in the air for between 10 and 15 minutes unless you signal that you want to come down before your time is up.

• How long does the trip take?
If the boat is full with six people that want to fly, we are usually gone from the dock for approximately two hours. If the group of flyers is smaller, the trip takes less time. All trips take at least one hour because of travel time to and from where we fly.

• How high do we go? 
You can go as high as 500 feet off the water and between 700 and 800 feet away from the boat.  We have signals for you to show us if you don’t want to go any higher and/or if you want to come down.

• Can multiple people go at once?
Depending on the wind and weight of the participants that want to fly together yes. That is up to the captain at the time of each flight.

• What if I can’t swim?
Participants don’t need to know how to swim. You take off from the boat and land on the boat.  Everybody that goes parasailing wears a life jacket in case of a water landing and everyone on the boat has the option to wear one on the boat if they would like.

• Age/weight requirement/minimum?
There is no age requirement but the harness has to fit the child properly.  There is a minimum weight to fly which is 100 lbs.  IF A PERSON WEIGHS LESS THAN 100 LBS HE/SHE CAN FLY but he/she would have to fly tandem with another person so that the total weight is over 100 lbs.

• Can you take photos of my sail?
Currently we do not offer a photo package but the mate will be happy to take photos for you if you bring a camera, smartphone, etc. along with you.

• How safe is parasailing?
Parasailing is a very safe activity.  At You’re Up! Watersports, we pay close attention to weather at all times before and during our flights. We do not go out if the weather is not safe for parasailing and will head back to the dock any time it looks to become unsafe.  We also send our chutes back for inspection and any repairs that the manufacturer sees need to be done every year.  All of our equipment is inspected daily.

Ski Boat
• Do we have to pick just one activity for the time we’re out?
No. During your time out on the boat you can do any combination your group would like to do including waterskiing, wake boarding, kneeboarding, and tubing.  I do advise everyone to do the tubing last if they would like to try other things because the other activities require specific body positions that can be hard to hold after holding onto the handles of a tube and bouncing around for a while.

• What is wakeboarding?
With wakeboarding, your feet are in boots that are attached to a board similar to a snow board and you ride the board on top of the water behind the boat.

• What is kneeboarding?
Kneeboarding is just how it sounds.  You kneel on a board basically the size of a boogy board and are pulled behind the boat.  You do have to start laying down and pull yourself up.  It is very easy and almost everybody that tries it can do it.

• How difficult is it?
All of these activities have different levels of difficulty depending on the person.  Most people can be taught how to get up during their first trip out with You’re Up! Watersports.

• How many people can be on the tube at a time?
Normally two people can tube together.

Bad Weather
• What happens if the weather is bad?
We will try to accommodate everyone whose trip doesn’t leave the dock because of weather.  If we can’t reschedule, you will not be charged or you will be refunded if you were already charged.

• All participants are required to sign a waiver. Participants under 18 years old must have a parent or legal guardian sign on their behalf. CLICK HERE to download a waiver. Please print, sign, and bring the signed waiver with you.